These YouTube channels will present readers with some insight into the lives of different cultures across the world. Follow these historical and cultural exhibits online.

Asian Art Museum

This monumental art museum, representing art from more than 40 Asian countries, is in San Francisco, California. The Museum contains about 18 000 works of art. The YouTube channel discusses the history of Asian culture and art in detail. You can follow hours of entertaining videos online, uncovering a treasure trove of knowledge.

National Gallery of Art

This gallery hosts exhibitions and events in Washington DC. The channel aims to teach people about the value and historical significance of the United States of America. Viewers can develop a greater understanding of the place of art in society.

The British Museum – A museum of the world, for the world

This is the official channel for the British Museum. Viewers can follow this channel to uncover more than two million years of history and culture. The exhibit holds artefacts from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Viewers might witness extraordinary objects and relics such as the Rosetta Stone and even Egyptian mummies.

Museo Nacional del Prado

This channel gives viewers a look inside the Prado Museum in Madrid. The spectacular exhibit features educational material, cultural seminars, exhibitions, and the life and times of famous Spanish artists like El Greco, El Bosco, Rafael, Ribera, and Rubens. Follow this channel for a peek into Spanish art and history.

Auckland Museum

Travel to New Zealand to experience the Auckland Museum. This channel focuses on the fascinating history of the Maori people and pacific treasures that were doomed to be lost at sea forever. Viewers can also watch videos that feature war artefacts and the country’s history.

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