Art in its entirety holds a lot of personal intrinsic value to communities and society. In many ways, art informs, questions, and enriches the world we live in. The function of art can be explained as follows.

Arts Organizations and Initiatives Enrich Humankind

The world is enriched by the wealth of historical and cultural legacies that people leave behind. Art can be used to express the wisdom and teachings of the past. When individuals participate in art events and initiatives, they can feel the wonder of their past through various artworks and cultural performances.

The Creation of Art Encourages Community Collaboration

When people come together to celebrate artistic expression, they can learn to collaborate by organizing art projects that challenge people in a community to work together. People can observe thought-provoking art performances and creations.

People can come together to participate in a community ceremony or celebration. This, in turn, advances social cohesion and helps to create a sense of belonging in a community.

People and Artists Can Engage in Commentary and Criticism

People can look at art for comedic effect or engage in a serious discussion about the intention of the art piece. This allows people to reflect on everything from politics and policies to social conventions and services.

Through art, artists can appeal to people and create awareness about issues in society that needs to be addressed. Artists commonly create or perform art to express a highlight political, social, and environmental issues.

The Economic and Cultural Value of Artists and Artwork

The value of art can add considerable value to a community. The tourism industry can use art to attract art lovers from around the world. The value of art may be measured by the popularity of an artist, an object, relic, building, or monument that has some sort of historical significance.

Recording and Communicating The Human Experience

People have become better and better at recording and documenting the human experience. Art can convey and communicate experiences from different perspectives. A piece of art can survive for thousands of years to share the secrets of the past with us now.

Art should be created to preserve our cultural heritage and nurture future generations. Join TWT Creative Precinct to find out more about the role of art in your community.