The lockdowns and social distance restrictions that plagued the world in 2020 and 2021 had a huge impact on live performances and concerts. However, many creative artists have used clever ways to remain connected with their fans across the world regardless of the social restrictions.

Artists Performing At Outdoor Drive-In Theatres

The recent concert in McHenry, known as the McHenry Outdoor Drive-in Theatre, was by far one of the most successful outdoor concerts in the aftermath of the pandemic. The event attracted world-renowned performers, comedians, and celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Keith Urban, and Zac Brown Band.

People could enjoy their favourite artists while sitting safely in their cars. This Drive-in project has been successful in many places like the state of Illinois, and the project was even a huge success in Mexico.

Live Streaming Platforms Hosting Performances

Many artists flocked to live streaming platforms to share their music and experiences during the lockdown. Artists collaborated and sold tickets online, and some online events even managed to raise money for communities that were struggling through the crisis. Streaming platforms like Audiomack enabled artists to share their music via live stream.

Smaller Concerts and More Exclusive Fan Experiences

Live concerts slowly came back in some shape or form. Most people will always gravitate to a live concert experience. Live concert concerts started opening recently, but certain measures had to be taken to ensure the safety of the audience.

Artists who still wanted to engage with their fans no matter what had to swallow their pride and consider the option of performing at smaller venues. The place ended up being less crowded, and artists could get closer to their fans.

Artists and their production teams need to continuously think of new ways to drive some revenue while simultaneously ensuring the health and safety of the fans.

There are thousands of examples of artists, film stars, and celebrities that managed to reach their target audience during the turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With evidence of artists like Adele and John Mayer producing some of the best singles during 2021, they inspired other artists to never give up on their ambitions and dreams.