Arts exhibitions are a popular attraction among people who are intrigued by artistic expression. The following regional galleries focus on preserving the cultural heritage of the Australian people.

Shepparton Art Museum

The Shepparton Art Museum hosts world-class exhibitions, and it is set in the scenic Victoria Park Lake. The cube-like structure of the building is an architectural masterpiece. The five-story complex has a viewing deck for those who want the best view of the lake. Visitors come from around the world to witness significant historical and contemporary ceramics.

Geelong Gallery

The city of Geelong is located just southwest of Melbourne, and it features one of the oldest art galleries in the country. The Geelong Gallery has been running for more than 125 years, and it celebrates contemporary artists and art. The gallery hosts captivating exhibits and shows that have inspired many artists over the years.

Geraldton Regional Art Gallery

The Geraldton Regional Art Gallery is arguably the most prestigious gallery in Western Australia. It celebrates arts and culture with notable works from Tracey Moffatt, Badimaya, and Julie Dowling. Visitors can enjoy this beautiful seaside town by visiting numerous cultural hotspots, including street art, cafés, and the popular Champion Beach.

Cairns Art Gallery

This art gallery is the product of a 1936 restored government building, and it is a rare gem of Australian cultural heritage. It hosts some of the largest art exhibitions in regional Queensland. The focus of exhibitions rests on contemporary art and historical records.

Araluen Arts Centre

As remote locations and towns go, the Araluen Arts Centre, located in Alice Springs, central Australia, is about 1200 kilometres from the nearest city, yet the cultural scene is vibrant and active. The Araluen Arts Centre celebrates indigenous art and a series of festivals throughout the year. The Alice Springs Beanie Festival, held in June, is particularly popular.

For as long as humans live to express and record the human experience, art galleries will continue to thrive. Galleries and museums have a profound social function in society.