Michaela Gleave is a contemporary artist living and working in Sydney, Australia.  Gleave’s conceptually driven practice spans digital and online works, installation, performance, photography, sculpture and video.  Gleave’s projects question our relationship to time, matter and space, focusing in particular on the changing intersections between art, science and society. Returning frequently to the space of the sky as a site for enquiry Gleave’s projects reference natural phenomena and tricks of perception, looking to the edges of experience as a means of better understanding the structures and frameworks that shape our knowledge of the universe.  Often-temporal, Gleave’s works oscillate between the micro and the macro, between the spaces of personal experience and global understanding, allowing us to experience the processes by which we comprehend reality and rethink our presence within it.  Michaela Gleave’s work has been presented extensively across Australia as well as in Germany, Greece, The United Kingdom, Austria, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Iceland, the United States and Mexico.