Alexandra Standen is a Sydney based ceramic artist. Graduating from The National Art School with 1st class honours in 2011, she has been awarded an APA, and is currently undertaking a Masters by research at UNSW Art and Design. 

Alexandra has undertaken a number of artist residencies over the last 4 years in Paris, Tel Aviv, Geneva, the UK and rural NSW and Northern Territory. As a result, her work embodies how we come to exist within different environments and explores our relationships to both physical and emotional spaces. Given the growing complexity of human existence, there is a need for new ways of representing ideas and of illuminating the world and domains of knowledge of self and environment.

Recently Alexandra has been researching ideas surrounding Experience within the domain of the aesthetics. Knowledge produced through aesthetic experience is always contextual and situated. Sensation, feeling and thought are progressively differentiated phases of our embodied relationship to objects and environments. In this framework one can say that creative arts research is “material thinking” that illuminates particular knowledge and data derived from interacting with the environment.

Alexandra Standen