Shared Boundaries by Sofia Lo Bianco

7 March – 29 March

Opening Nights: 7 March 6-8 pm

As a part of Art Month and TWT Creative Precinct’s Block Party for Spectrum Now Festival

Sofia Lo Bianco









Shared Boundaries explores the notion and character of a boundary; as a relationship between two substances and as an interpersonal concept. This body of work marks out boundaries between materials using measures of containment, forms of fissure and shifts in light and tone. Hard plastic elements are designed like perimeters to surround and softer materials while fluid substances interblend with others, creating a division that is less distinct. In all works, the material’s properties hold the potential for tension, separation or flow where they share a meeting point with another.

Sofia Lo Bianco is a visual artist based in Sydney. Working across sculpture, assemblage and photography, her practice explores subjective and sensory understandings of contemporary materials and technology. Informed by her interest in the minute material phenomenon of chemistry and the direction of materials science, she implicates a material’s seeming faults and ambiguous qualities in her work through the element of chance.