Field of Dreams_after the storm_crop

FIELD OF DREAMS was the second exhibition to open at the ME Art Space, located at 25 Atchison Street, St Leonards.

FIELD OF DREAMS is a collection of large scale oil paintings by local artist, Debbie Mackinnon that explore the extraordinary geometry of the rice fields of Asia, based on Debbie’s many drawing trips there.

This exhibition has now finished. 

During her trips to Asia ,  Debbie works outside drawing the landscape with her left hand, although she is a right hander. This actively engages the right hand side of the brain, often producing the most random and exciting mark making. She revels in the exploration of the unexpected in her work, looking for those elusive spaces in between.

Back in Sydney,Debbie creates the large oil paintings at her studio. The paintings take shape in many layers of buttery oil paint and glazes; working from memories of fleeting, startling colours and the outdoor studies, never from photographs. In this way, the Fields of Dreams has emerged.

Artist, Debbie Mackinnon has long been intrigued by the extraordinary colours and landscape of the rice terraces on her drawing and painting trips in Asia: in Bali, Vietnam and Malaysia.

“Rice is still the staple food of more than half the world’s population, something worth remembering in these days of (relative) austerity in our society. 

“Rice has been planted in the same way for over 2000 years – the genius lies in the cultivation of the most unlikely topography. I am captivated by the geometry of the paddy fields – the terraced rice fields meander down every hillside in glorious shades of greens, golds, pinks, yellows and ever more greens.

“Volcanoes tower over the paddy fields providing rich fertile soil for the rice crop. These are stunning places with no real separation between human experience and the landscape.” Ms Mackinnon said

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