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DEGENERATION is a contemporary Chinese art exhibition showcasing ten of China’s most highly acclaimed young ‘new media’ artists and curated by internationally renowned curator, Mariagrazia Costantino. The exhibition was presented by the Australia China Art Foundation and The Bridging Hope Charity Foundation and sponsored by local property developer, Auswin TWT Developments.

DEGENERATION took place at Art Terminal T1, 9-11 Atchison Street and 62 Atchison Street, St Leonards from 22 February 2014 – 8 June 2014. The exhibition is now finished. 

Participating artists  included Chen Wei, Chen Zhou, Cheng Ran, Guan Xiao, Hu Yun, Li Ming, Li Ran, Lu Yang, Ma Qiusha, Ye Linghan. For many of these artists, it was their first time showing work in the southern hemisphere.

Originally shown at the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai, DEGENERATION was the inaugural exhibition to open at the  Art Terminal T1 in St Leonards. The first gallery to open within the TWT Creative Precinct.

The artists participating in DEGENERATION are perhaps the first, within the system of contemporary Chinese art, to be part of a genuinely transcultural circuit of art production and exhibition.

DEGENERATION is about the inevitable change of standards, of whole societies and ideologies. It also reflects the contributing artists’ refusal to be part of a “generation” within the confines of the current Chinese art world but to see themselves as part of a wider commentary on the whole evolving critical assessment of the plight of humans on the planet.

These are truly stunning works by some of China’s most famous contemporary artists and cinematographers. An experience that will stay in the mind and change the way many think of the Chinese perspective. A delight for the senses but a jolt for the mind.

DEGENERATION was also part of Australia’s largest photo festival, Head on Photo Festival. Read more here. 

On Saturday 22nd February 2014, renowned Sydney Morning Herald art critic, John McDonald opened the exhibition to a VIP audience of over 150 guests some of whom included Anthony Yuen, Editor in Chief and Current Affairs anchor with Phoenix TV, Martin Ellis, Community and Library Services Director and Alison Clark, Arts & Culture Coordinator from the North Sydney Council, MCLEOMI gallery owner, Sara Leonardi-McGrath together with Olympic diving champion, Matthew Mitcham and acclaimed artist, Janet Laurence.

View pictures from the VIP opening event in the below photo gallery.