Cre8tiv studios, located at 27 Atchison Street, St Leonards is the latest artist studio space to open within the TWT Creative Precinct.

Cre8tiv studios hosted two community events to celebrate the opening of the new creative space – an official opening party on Thursday 16 October and then an open day on  Sunday 19 October  which coincided with one of the lower North Shore’s most popular calendar events, the 2014 Crows Nest Festival .

During both events, the community was invited  to experience the inner sanctum of an artist’s studio and speak directly to the artists.

Cre8tiv Studios is managed by local artist, Yvonne Levenston whose paintings explores man and his effects on the environment and endangered species, with particular reference to primates – Gorillas, Orangutans & Chimpanzees. 

Other artists-in-residence currently working at cre8tiv studios include Trina Charnock, an illustrator and painter with a particular interest in figurative work and portraiture, Carol Rowe, an independent visual artist with a focus on painting and ceramics, Marta Madison, who focuses on using wool, silk, resin and other precious objects to create wearable art, Cassandra Ng  a painter whose body of work ranges from the representational to the abstract and finally Peter Austin who specialises in abstract acrylic and enamel artworks. 

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 LOCATION: 27 Atchison Street, St Leonards

Check out the pictures from cre8tiv studios opening night in the below gallery.