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On Saturday 13 September, Cicli Spirito officially opened its bespoke bicycle shop and workshop located on Atchison Lane, behind 62 Atchison Street, St Leonards. Bike enthusiasts from across Sydney (and beyond) experienced a touch of Europe in a laneway in St Leonards to celebrate Cicli Spirito’s bikes and BBQ open day. Everyone was amazed at the creativity that went into transforming a tiny back room and disused laneway entrance into a truly authentic bicycle workshop that echoes that of the 1960’s Milano. The launch event was a family affair with Papa and Zio Spirito (Ben’s dad and uncle) cooking up delicious traditional Italian food on the BBQ and friends and family of all ages coming together for the love of bike! Check out the pictures from the Cicli Spirito BBQ and bikes open day in the below photo gallery.

Cicli Spirito creates beautiful, practical bicycles that are made to last. Hand built, bespoke steel frames made using traditional methods & the best materials. Made in St. Leonards and of the highest quality. Cicli Spirito is also a place where your bicycle dreams become reality. Known as the bicycle tailor and using his broad experience, Ben Kamenjas (aka Spirito), offers the ultimate one-on-one workshop service. Specialising in hand-built wheels, custom assembly, service & repairs for classic and exotic bicycles of all types.

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Ben (aka Spirito) is an independent two wheel tailor, one man workshop bicycle guru who can fabricate bicycle frames by hand,one by one, each unique to it’s future owner.

Cicli Spirito also offers bicycle safety discussions offering practical advice about safe riding practices, road skills and how best to negotiate road traffic without the stress.

LOCATION: Atchison Lane, behind 62 Atchison Street, St Leonards. 

Check out the pictures of the Cicli Spirito open day in the below photo gallery.