Brand X visual art studio and gallery located at the back of 62 Atchison Street (Gallery on Level 1), is a resource for visual artists to make and exhibit their work. The public are welcome to watch the artists create and in turn learn about their practice to truly appreciate their artworks on display in the level 1 gallery.

At the heart of this studio is an eclectic mix of visual artists who have been awarded 6-month residencies thanks to Arts NSW. This program serves artists primarily through the provision of free resources that encourage excellence, innovation and sustainable practice. The program supports artistic development and expression through a diversity of visual art form practices.

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Artists in residence currently at the Brand X visual art studio include:

TINA FOX is an emerging Sydney based artist and designer. Her work operates at the intersection between art, architecture, craft and design to challenge preconceptions about the built environment and technology. By using domestic hand crafts and painstaking low technology skills such as crochet she creates sculptures, installations and environments that challenge architectural tradition and scientific rule and restore playfulness, poetics and fragility. Her background as a trained architect has a major influence on her art practice.

MICHAELA GLEAVE investigates the physicality of perception, interrogating the systems and structures through which we construct our image of reality. Executed as a series of experiments, her often-­temporal works question our relationship to time, matter and space, working with natural phenomena and tricks of perception within the frameworks that shape our knowledge of the universe. Operating between the spaces of personal experience and global understanding, Gleave’s often-illusory works hover at the junction between art and science, returning repeatedly to the atmosphere and the space of the sky as the site for her projects. Gleave’s installations, performances and interventions question the relationship we have with our surroundings, allowing us to experience the processes by which we comprehend reality and rethink our presence within it.

LISA LAPOINTE graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at CoFA, UNSW in 2002. She has spent the last thirteen years working in fashion and interiors for the likes of Orson & Blake, Ksubi, Mark Tuckey, Pamela Makin and Romance Was Born. During that period she worked sporadically on her art practice, having two solo shows and participated in a few group shows. Last December she decided to become a full time artist and have dedicated her time solely to this. She currently works purely in pencil on paper and predominately do large scale drawings that are inspired by spiritual, religious and indigenous mythology.

SOFIA LO BIANCO is an emerging visual artist based in Sydney. Crossing the disciplines of sculpture, assemblage and photography, her practice explores subjective and sensory understandings of contemporary materials and technology. Through process-based experimentation, she explores minute material phenomenon; implicating a material’s ‘faults’ and ambiguous behavior in her work through the element of chance. Her artistic practice has developed out of her research and professional practice as an art conservator. She holds a Masters Degree in Cultural Materials Conservation from the University of Melbourne.

EVA MILLARES GORLUAK is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Sydney. She grew up in Madrid amongst a huge collection of archaeological pieces and the paintings of her father, a renowned artist associated with “the informalists” movement in Spain during the 1960´s and 1970´s. After a stage of interest in graffiti she started constructing surfaces from posters sourced from illegal billposting in Madrid and Sydney and capturing images with graphite, charcoal or traces of black oil, in a avalanche of characters that appears before her eyes through the folds and contours of the paper. For her, each finished collage is a site excavated in memory. Eva has a BA in Art History & Archaeology (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid), a Masters in Landscape Design (Polytechnic University and School of Architecture, Madrid) and a Graphic Design and Advertising Diploma (School for New Technologies, Madrid).