liveloopdaloop_BP She is Danielle Lamb, performing live loop da loop at Bsidesoundstudio at the DREAM BIG #TWTBLOCKPARTY.

‘My voice and I have been going round for a while now but like any solid relationship, we are still getting to know each other. We have had some great times, greeting audiences at the Monterey Jazz Festival, CA and supporting some great acts around Japan.

We have been soul divas and disco dancing queens, hell we even spent 4 weeks at an Australian Army Recruit Camp getting our butts whipped just so we could be in an Army Swing Band. All the while getting to know more about the music that fuels our fire, Blues, Soul, Jazz and Roots that is.

Finding inspiration in the passion oozing from some of the great musicians we have been lucky enough to play with, watch or listen to since we could walk. With the sum of all these parts, our song writing days are just beginning, opening the vault to a whole new journey of vocal and musical expression. That’s our adventures so far and we will continue to dream, learn, love and create no matter where we are.’


This ticket will also get you into the main event.